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Kia Kyanne specializes in Experience Design Strategy. Her mission is to help clients enhance their digital experiences, prioritize user needs, and create powerful solutions that make a lasting impact. Kia is dedicated to delivering creative, effective, and measurable solutions for her clients that are tailored to their specific needs. She will help you leverage the power of user-centered design to create digital experiences that are enjoyable, effective, and memorable.

Current Experience highlights:

  • Pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence with user experience.

  • Document the world of digital ecosystems

  • Develop strategies behind successful business platforms

  • Rethink business models to embrace new technologies

  • Convert a product or service into a platform or app

  • Think differently about emerging technologies

  • Make bold, strategic choices along the phases of digital transformation


Personal highlights:

  • Workout/Bootcamp Enthusiast

  • Football, Volleyball, Basketball Mom

  • Traveler

  • Foodie


02 process

Innovate, Iterate, Inspire: Empowering Creativity Through Design Thinking

While every project varies, I strategically select tactics that yield the most favorable results, considering both time and budgets.


Offering tailored strategy, user centered, and design thinking solutions to fulfill your business objectives. With Kia Kyanne, you can leverage design thinking to create a better, smarter experience for your customers.


Helping businesses develop a cohesive story to enhance their consumer experience. Combining storytelling with custom-tailored design solutions, Kia Kyanne is here to make sure the user experience is the best it can be


Providing prototyping, information architecture, and documentation services, Kia Kyanne is passionate about crafting innovative solutions that make the most of technology to enhance the user experience.


Will work closely with your business to understand your unique needs and develop a plan to help you reach your desired outcomes. With a comprehensive approach, you can be sure that you are getting the best guidance and advice possible.


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Kia Kyanne's employment history:

For more information on Kia Kyanne's employment please download resume:


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Kia is seeking a strategic leadership position in an organization that has its’ pulse on emerging, forward-thinking technologies. The work should be fun, technically complex, yet innovative and challenging.

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